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5 Convenient Features Of A Web-Based Access Control System

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Is your building's access control system becoming more of a hindrance than an asset to your security arrangements? An upgrade to a more modern web-based access control system can solve your problems. Unlike conventional access systems with central control on the premises, web-based systems can be run from anywhere. Cloud hosting allows access at multiple points connected to the internet. Convenience is a big merit of this access control system. How does it make security management more convenient while maintaining high security? 

1. Remote Permission and Revocation

With a web-based access control system, it's easy to grant or revoke access to visitors. You can do this from any place with an internet connection. You don't have to be at the premises to make changes. This is especially helpful if you have several building sites where you need to regularly visit and monitor.  

2. Easier Multi-Location Control  

One of the major challenges with conventional access control systems is that they are only compatible with one location. If you want to monitor and manage multiple locations, you need multiple access systems installed, which may be costly and difficult to maintain. Web-based systems are designed to be compatible with multiple locations and buildings. This makes it easier for you to manage all your locations from one central location.  

3. Custom Reports  

A good access control system will provide you with reports that allow you to have detailed information on visitors and times of access. The reports should also show you their time in the building, the areas they visited, and other pertinent details. Web-based systems allow you to create custom reports that meet your needs easily. These reports can be done on-demand or automatically scheduled, as per your preference.  

4. Quick Backup and Recovery   

When it comes to security, every minute counts. You need to ensure that your data is always backed up and protected against loss or theft. With a web-based system, it's easy to set up backup and recovery systems that are automated. You can also easily recover old data if need be.  

5. Easier Third-Party Integration  

Web-based access control systems are designed to integrate with third-party security devices and applications such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and more. This makes it easy to add new layers of security without having to replace your existing equipment.  

Web-based access control systems are a great way to make security management more convenient for you. To learn more about the capabilities of access control systems, talk to a supplier.