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Quality Security Cameras For Your Business

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As a business owner, you want to ensure that your property, inventory, and most importantly your employees are protected. Security cameras can add a layer of monitoring for you and your company, and can be a real help in the event that you've had a break-in or other incident. Before you commit to a particular security camera system, here are some options that are available to you depending on your particular needs.

Camera Features

Will you need to be able to see what's happening at night or when there's low light? If so, look for cameras that provide infrared vision, meaning you can clearly see what's happening, even in the dark. If you want to remotely access your video footage, there are IP cameras available that can show you what is going on in real time from your smartphone or computer. Do you need to get a closer look at things like a license plate or facial features? Be sure to purchase a camera with a good zooming quality or something called a PTZ camera, which means you can pan (angle), tilt, and zoom all with a button or compatible joystick. If your cameras will be mounted outside, make sure they are weatherproof or that you also purchase a special outdoor enclosure that will keep them protected.

Viewing and Storing Footage

Some camera systems come with software that can be used to view everything digitally. Analog cameras are less expensive and still available to purchase, but the new IP and other digital cameras are quickly becoming a preferred way to monitor your business. If you need to store your footage, purchase a DVR that will work in conjunction with the cameras. This is not a traditional DVR like you use at home to record TV; it is usually much more advanced and can hold a lot more memory. You can play back, record, store, or delete digital camera footage all on the DVR. 

Questions to Ask

When considering security cameras and other accessories for your business monitoring, ask the following questions:

  • Will I need to have cameras outside, or are interior cameras sufficient?
  • What kind of features do I need such as zooming or infrared capabilities?
  • Do I need to store my footage and if so, how much memory should I get for my DVR?
  • What resolution should I select for my cameras for the best viewing experience?
  • Can I upgrade or change my security cameras as the need changes?

For more information, see a professional security system provider such as American Wireless Alarm Inc.