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4 Powerful Reasons To Test Your Fire Alarm System On A Regular Basis

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It is possible to protect your home from intruders and from harm in many different ways. However, if those ways do not include a fire security system, then your family is never truly protected. Once you have your fire security system installed, you will want to make sure that you test it on a regular basis. Remember, a fire alarm that does not operate properly is more of a risk to your family than not having one at all. Below, find four powerful reasons that you should test your fire alarm on a regular basis.

Fire Alarms Save Lives

It is estimated that installing a fire alarm in your home decreases the risk of your family perishing in a fire by 18%. It has also been estimated that 37% of all the families killed in a fire had no fire security system in their home. Once you have the fire alarm installed in your home, testing it at least once a month ensures that your family has a chance to get out of the home if a fire should break out.

Reduction of Property Loss

Testing your fire security system can reduce the chance of property loss. By making sure that your fire alarm is cleaned and functioning the right way, you ensure that your property is not totally destroyed should a blaze occur.

Save Money on Home Insurance Rates

Insurance companies keep track of how secure your home is. Having a fire alarm system installed is not enough, however. Make sure that you test the alarm to ensure that it is working properly, even with advanced systems.

Helps You Prevent False Alarms

One of the most important reasons to test your fire security system is to prevent false alarms. Many cities fine homeowners who have false alarms, which will end up costing you quite a bit in the end. Remember, if the fire department is constantly responding to false alarms, it is possible for a family to die in a real fire across town. Check your fire alarm regularly to save not only your life, but others as well.

Protecting your family and home is your top priority. Installing and maintaining a fire security system helps you to achieve your goal. From saving money on home insurance rates too saving your family's life, testing your fire alarm on a monthly basis makes good common and financial sense as well. 

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