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5 Ways A Commercial Security System Can Mitigate Workplace Risks

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If you're looking to protect your business from theft, vandalism, and other potential workplace risks, one of the best solutions available to you is commercial security system installation. With everything from motion sensors to backup power systems in place, these high-tech systems can help keep your employees and your assets safe while deterring would-be criminals from targeting your company in the first place. Here are five ways a commercial security system can mitigate workplace risks.

1. Video Surveillance Monitors 24/7 for Intruders 

Closed-circuit cameras around your building and at your business entrances can help deter crime by letting would-be intruders know they're being watched. Businesses that invest in security video surveillance also have evidence of any crimes committed on their property. 

Today's security cameras have advanced features, including high-resolution images, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, etc. Some even allow you to record footage directly to cloud storage service for remote access later if needed.

2. Access Control To Block Unauthorized People

Often, criminals will walk through the door or gate when there are no proper authorization systems. Protect your property by controlling access through security doors or gates that can only be accessed with an authorized key card or PIN number. 

These methods will allow you to grant access to employees and other authorized people while keeping out others who should not have any business in your workplace.

3. Burglar Alarms Give Early Warning of a Break-In

A commercial security system isn't complete without burglar alarms. They give you early warning of an intrusion, which gives you time to address it. You may be able to contact local law enforcement and resolve things without any further incident. Burglar alarms can also deter intruders: no one wants to rob a place with an alarm blaring above their heads. 

4. High-Security Biometric Locks Present a Hurdle for Burglars

Criminals prefer to come in through the door because they only have to beat the lock. A high-security lock makes it harder for them to get inside your building. These locks are impossible for burglars to pick or break into with brute force, as they use fingerprint technology that's very difficult for anyone but you and your employees to bypass.

5. Security Lighting Deter Criminals 

Security lights are crucial to any security system. They can be set to turn on and off at certain times of day, making it more difficult for criminals to plan an attack. The right security lighting will also illuminate your property, making it easier to see what's happening on the property and its perimeter. 

Physical security is crucial to any business, and you must prioritize investment in a robust system to protect people and other business assets. Call a security systems supplier to discuss a commercial security system to fit your business needs.