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Building A New Home? You Should Consider Installing A Fire Supression System

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If you are building a new home this is the perfect time to install a fire suppression system to keep you and your family safe. Below is more information about what a fire suppression system is and the different types available. You can then let your builder know you are hiring a security company to install this for you.

Fire Suppression System

A fire suppression system is also known as a sprinkler system. If there is a fire the system senses it and sprinklers drop down from the ceiling and sprays water to put the fire out. The sprinklers drop quickly at the first sign of a fire, so the fire will not have time to spread.

There two main types of fire suppression systems including:


A stand-alone fire suppression uses your homes water pipes, but it also uses its own water piping. In many cases, with a stand-alone you have to also install a back-flow device. The tubing is generally made of copper or a flexible plastic.

If you have a well that you use for water, you will have to have a storage tank and a pump installed to ensure the stand-alone system will have enough water to put out a fire. The size of the storage tank depends on how large your fire suppression system is. You have to follow requirements on how often you have to clean the storage tank. Your security company will let you know what these requirements are.

A stand-alone system can have stagnant water because the water sits in the storage tank waiting to be used. Because of this, the security company will make sure this system is isolated from the water supply you use in your home for drinking, cooking, and bathing. This is done by installing a backflow preventer on the system.


A multi-use fire suppression system uses only your home's water pipes. Each time someone turns on the water in your home the water runs through the pipes. Because of this there is always fresh water and the water will never go stagnant. This means if there is a fire only fresh water will come out of the sprinklers.

Because this system is integrated with your interior plumbing you will not have to worry about any extra maintenance, such as you would with the stand-alone system.

This system will be designed specifically for your home and the best time to install it is during home construction.

Alarm System

No matter what type of fire suppression system you choose, there will be an alarm that alerts you when the system turns on. An alarm is also installed on the exterior of your home and it is loud enough so that your neighbors will be able to hear it. This way if you are not home they can contact the fire department. There are some systems that will automatically alert the fire department on their own when the system turns on.

Talk with a company, like Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company, about this information and they can give you many more details.